Orbit Intelligence Paid training days 

28 & 29 September 2022 | 9:30am- 4:30pm | Online | 350€* | Limited number of seats

*Training funding may be available  


Develop your knowledge of Orbit Intelligence and:

  • Get more relevant results
  • Produce better reports
  • Gain time !

Training dates : September 28 and/or 29th, 2022. You can register for one or both days of training.

Cost is 350€ per person / per day (VAT not included)

Why choose an Orbit Intelligence training?


Because the training is: 

  • Online

  • Labelled by Datadock (French label) 

  • Professionnally orientated

Wednesday 28th September: Presentation of Orbit Intelligence best practices

This 1st training day is dedicated to users wishing to improve their skills on Orbit Intelligence. 

Thursday 29th September: Building queries and using analysis

This 2nd training day is dedicated to advanced level usersusing command line as well as advanced search form. 

AgendaAfter a refresher on basic functionswe’ll move towards a deeper and customized usage of our database  Exercises will allow you to practice all day long. 

  1. Worlwide patents collection presentation 
  2. Using the wizards 
  3. Truncations and operators 
  4. Using the toolbar 
  5. Improving patents reviewing 
  6. Saving and sharing information 

350€ per day / per person

AgendaSearching for patent information and analyzing a dataset – Exercises will allow you to practice all day long. 
Training goal: facilitate decision making / strategic report productions 

  1. Research Methodology: simple case study 
  2. Saving search scripts and creating alerts 
  3. Research Methodology: advanced case study 
  4. Analysing a dataset thanks to graphs 
  5. Saving analyses  
  6. Creating and managing data rules 

350€ per day / per person



... left to register!


In order to finalize your registration, a training agreement will be sent to you to be signed and returned to us. A connection link (Microsoft Teams) will be sent to you as soon as your registration is validated.  For any additional information, please contact us at the following addresstraining@questel.com

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Orbit Intelligence Training on 28 and/or 29 September 2022

Limited number of seats

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